My name is Tania Douthwaite. I am a local Western Australian ocean artist, marine SCIENTIST AND CONSERVATIONIST.


I create fine art paintings, wall murals, prints, designs and underwater photographs, often while freediving. I also produce fine art on consignment for personal collections, media graphics / advertising and marine conservation projects.

























I specialize in pseudogyotaku fish prints from local fish species captured by either myself or local recreational LINE fishers AND spearfishers. 

I create customized fish prints, called pseudogyotaku, of sharks, fish and other recreationally / sustainably caught marine life that have been sustainably fished or ethically dispensed. STORIES OF all fish used for prints and art are available on request. I bring your catch of a lifetime back to life using specialized techniques passed on from one generation to the next. I use the most environmentally friendly methods possible to recreate these life forms in inspiring or interesting formats. These fish prints will continue to educate and provoke emotive responses from your friends, clients and admirers.


I use sustainable methods of

fishing, compost the fish

frames, extract jaws /

otoliths / fish frames for

scientific purposes (and

quirky art projects) to

enable education about our

marine life to continue to

support our conservation of

ocean wildlife.










Please see my Facebook page KRAKEN OCEAN ART or visit me on Facebook to CONNECT                                                                          



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